Sunday, 25 December 2016

It's Christmas!

It was Christmas Eve yesterday, and due to Family Business, I have nothing to show for it, other than a couple of photos of our tree.

Well, I also have some pics of my wife and kids... and mother-in-law, but the latter I shall spare you for. Again, shortly before my wife drove her home (220 km), she and I had differences, this time she wanted to let me know that it is not necessary to have 'all those electronics', and that 'then she didn't want to hear about us having trouble getting the ends to meet'-

My wife currently drives over 200 km each way to help her get wooden pellets into her shed/stoker room and get them loaded, twice to thrice a month, which costs us the equivalent of £120 extra a month in gasoline (not counting the wear on the car), and I really think she should get rid of her house (she lost her husband (may he rest in peace) about 2 months ago, and he used to do ALL the practical chores/work around the house - she doesn't even have a drivers' license, even though her husband was a driving instructor) and find a place that she can manage herself without being depending on my wife helping her out. Am I being unreasonable? We are not rich, we have a house, kids, and a car to take care of, and I really think it is up to her to arrange herself in a way as to not depend on others to get by.

Do not get me wrong - of course my wife should help out her mother with BIG issues - but everyday issues like making the heating work, really is something that should run seamlessly without outside interference, I think?


  1. Sorry for your troubles. Family can be challenging at times, that is for sure. Your wife is an angel to do all that work, and care for her mother. However, that seems to be an undue burden. The stress of the whole situation cannot be good for everyone. I hope you can find an acceptable solution.

    1. Thanks, that about sums up what I think about the situation as well. If the woman hadn't already alienated all the family members living near her, the situation would be much easier to handle. Doesn't help either, that my wife's sister live in London, and is not very well off, thus cannot come to Denmark very often.