Monday, 26 December 2016

HobbyZone Paint Station(s)

I got my kids a paint station each for Christmas. I found this product in a Polish online store called HobbyZone, and both delivery time and packaging was really top notch.

The MDF kit is quite easy to assemble - although I thought I would have to bend the curved pieces a bit into shape before glueing, which was NOT a good idea (as you can see on the station furthest away).

Apart from the frame, the kit is made of a laminated light-weight kind of MDF, and I think it has a tiny tad too low density, but only time and wear will tell if I am wrong or right.

The paint station (the smallest type) comes at only about €16, and if it proves to be sufficiently sturdy for my kids to use, it will have been worth every penny.


  1. I'm too messy and indecisive for such tiny little work stations. You have the right idea presenting them to your kids while they are still in their formative hobby years and can learn effective management of their work space. I'm well past help but I started using a peg board above my workbench last year. It interests me to look at how the way the space is utilized went from I ordered it initially and how it morphed as I adapted it to account for workflow and habits.

    1. When you say 'peg board' - do you mean an elevated work space? I use that at both my paint work space and my prepping work space (I have the old chipboard GW paint station on top of the elevated work space, so theoretiacally, I could use my painting work space for other purposes, too, but I have nowhere to put the paint station :D).
      The idea behind getting the smallest paint stations for the girls were twofold: 1) I wanted to keep the cost low, as I did not know the product, and I don't know how much the girls are going to use them, and 2) I wanted to keep them easy to stowe away (for instance in a vertical position on a shelf) when not in use.
      If one (or both) get(s) bitten by the hobby bug, I can get (a) larger version(s) (they come in 3 sizes from HobbyZone) - for now they will have to do.