Tuesday, 27 December 2016

GoB: More Skeletons for Argonor's Undead Horde!

As mentioned in connection with the last God of Battles AAR, it is may plan to have a basic infantry battleline for my Lords of Undeath army, cosisting of four units of Skeleton Horde, and two of Skeleton Warriors.

As I already have two of each, I need to get another two Skeleton Hordes ready for the table - and I have decided that the time to get that done is now!

I have been roughing up the edges of a lot of 20 mm washers this last couple of days, and I have found most of the models and components I am going to need.

One of the next days, I am going to find my Dremel, and start removing most part of each slotta-base from the skeletons, so that I can glue the models to washers (same procedure as last time, of course).

The blisters are containing two command groups - I am not going to use the armoured 'Wight' commanders, instead the two finished models with shields will be apponted leaders of the units.

The Wights will most likely be used as Blacksouls or Guardians of Midnight - but that is for the future to bring.

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