Monday, 19 December 2016

Chrismas Wars: Spending Another Day Off

The holidays are almost upon us, and I am on sick leave, so I have to take well care of myself, while the wife is at work, and my daughters are in school.

And, how better to spend the solitary daytime just before Christmas than to get some paint slapped on another seasonal themed mini?

I have been spending some time with Santa's Lovely Assistant, and I hope to finish her off a couple of days before Christmas, so she can join Santa in the small Christmas scene on our sideboard.

I took the pics before I started painting today, I have since then more or less finished the white, although I am not quite content with the result (I may go back and touch it up, after I finish the rest of the mini).

I have also spent some time preparing for this evenings God of Battles appointment with Kevin, and I am going to field my Lords of Undeath, after all - I am keen to see how it fares at 36 points, and as our appointment on December 3rd had to be canceled, they have not been used since before Horisont VIII.

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