Tuesday, 6 December 2016

More December - This Time of the Fun Kind

Although I am almost in a stupor, hobby-wise, my suppliers are not, and the orders I made a while ago, before succumbing to workplace stress, are now being delivered.

I saw my GP yesterday, and got sick leave, for now until and including December 19th, which means that I now have at least a fortnight to focus on all the positive things in life - and afterwards I decided yesterday that I simply WILL NOT let my ailment ruin my family and hobby life.

As on cue, my North Star order arrived this morning, and allthough I cannot keep my focus for more than about 10 minutes at a time before having to rest my head, I am determined to get St. Nick and his luvverly assistant prepped and painted before Christmas. It may take me the rest of the day to get them cleaned up and started basing, but I shall not give in to the urge to just sit idle and do nothing but watch some braindead tv-shows all day!!!

In a few moments. I am going to take a long walk with Molly, my fantastic dog (1/4 Golden Retriever, 3/4 Yellow Labrador), who can always be trusted to comfort and support when needed, and afterwards I am going to pull out the needle files and start getting these two great Mark Copplestone sculpts ready for some brushwork.

I got more minis with this order, but I shall post about those when I have to pause in between prepping these minis.

That, and I need to get some scenic snow....

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