Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Barbarian Queen

As with many of Mark Copplestone's masterworks, I have been wanting to get this little beauty for quite a while.

I do have a project in mind for it, but it is a long-term one, and as soon as I get her painted up (and this will be one of my rare pure labours of love, as paintjobs go), she will feature in all kinds of games, as much as I can shoe-horn her in (Pulp, Colonial, Victorian Sci-Fi, Modern Horror, you name it), be it as a fun sideshow or a main protagonist.

The long-term project I have in mind is - slowly - buying and painting nice female Barbarians one at a time (Hasslefree, among others, has some that are on my wishlist for this), and building a small collection/warband to use for various purposes.

As with all plans I make, only time will tell if I actually get there, but I am slowly changing my approach to painting, and tend to enjoy painting single miniatures without having to get them ready for specific purposes, in between painting for warbands/units with a set number to reach, and this bodes well for that kind of project, I guess...

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