Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Attack of the Snow Goons

With my North Star order arriving earlier today, I also got these shady characters. I have no idea what I am going to use them for, just now, but I expect to paint them up during this winter, one at a time, in between painting other stuff (and then I might think of game involving a plot to destroy Christmas and Santa fighting the good fight to save the holidays - we shall have to see about that).

This is not all, though. I may post the rest of the stuff I got later this evening, if I can find the time and energy for it. Right now I am going back to the prepping station to continue cleaning up St Nick and Assistant (I hope to get filler on their bases later today, and be able to prime them tomorrow).


  1. These look like just the thing to draw you back to painting and help lift your spirits.

    1. Absolutely! I need to think of a nice game to use them for with the kids. I shall probably brew up something with Fear & Faith (SoBaH Horror).