Thursday, 1 May 2014

War Rocket

Well, I finally received my copy of the War Rocket rulebook (Hydra Miniatures), plus a handful of ships for the game, and after a quick read-through of the basic rules I decided to spend today's hobby time on making some handy reference sheets for the 4 factions described in the book.

I have 6 ships in total, 3 Galacteer Class I, and 3 Zenithian Class I.

Getting these ready for the table takes precedence over anything else, as I want them ready for Attic Attack I, so I am pretty busy at my normal painting speed.

Luckily, I have the whole next week off, and though I have a lot of practical tasks to tend to, I shouild be able to get the little buggers prepped, primed, and painted fairly fast.

It does mean pausing all other gaming-related activities, though, and my recently started Mines of Moria project probably won't see any progress over the next week (other than, maybe, finishing the boards, and receiving a box of minis from my purchase at the LAF).

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