Friday, 30 May 2014

Chivalry: The Rules!

I've begun writing a ruleset for semi-historical feudal medieval combat and tourney games for my Chivalry project. Called 'Chivalry', of course!

My huge disappointment with the Crossed Lance's (authors' spelling, not mine) rules has ignited my resolve to embark on a journey into madness I'd never imagined I would dare undertake, more precisely writing up a ruleset from scratch, and I've made good progress on the Foot Melée rules.

As soon as I have pinned down the turn structure, and the movement rules (there will be separate movement rules for single combat/tourney style melée, and dead serious war-like skirmishing, the latter being less restrictive, permitting the valiant knights to take on dozens of men-at-arms, and/or scores of lowly peasants, still using their skills and abilities as when takin on fellow knights), I'll be asking for playtesters.

It is my first attempt to design a miniatures game ruleset of this kind (although I created a massed battles napoleonic rule set over a decade or so, playing in 1:72 scale plastics with my friends on my parents' living room floor), so I expect to have to make a lot of adjustments of the initial sketches.

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