Saturday 10 May 2014

Chivalry, Part 4: Fireforge Plastics, and Status.

Finally received these in the mail today:

The Templar Knights box contain 2 sprues with heads, meaning there's duplicates of every head - and the Templar Infantry box has at least one sprue with the same heads. This is GREAT for my project, where I need to make 3 versions of the same knight(s) for use with the different competitions in Crossed Lances.

12, 24, and 48 minis, respectively, 84 in all. Not good for my painting tally, not good at all...

Chivalry so far:

Phase 1:

Goal 1:
Acquire rules and minis.
Goal 2:
Read rules, and construct the necessary equipment/terrain for tournaments.
Goal 3:
Construct and paint at least 2 mtd knights with lances to try out jousting rules.
Work will commence later today.

Everything is moving  nicely along, although I'll have to change the jousting rules before playing. I won't have 2 knights painted until next weekend at the fastest, and probably not even then, as I have to clean and assemble them first - which reminds me, I should probably go wash the sprues in soap water right away!

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