Thursday, 8 May 2014

War Rocket Demo Game WIP, Part 2.

Finished painting my Galacteer Comets (Class I) for the demo game at Attic Attack today.

I'm using the 'Lightyear' Squadron colour scheme, because I think it's a very appropriate reference - and I have some Blue Moon retro astronauts that I'm going to paint accordingly.

I also started painting the Zenithian saucers, and I expect to finish them during the upcoming weekend.

Colours used:


  1. Light grey
  2. Very light grey
  3. White

Stabilizers (or whatever they are):

  • VOC Billious Green

Stabilizer Ends and Rayguns:

  1. OC Liche Purple
  2. F Royal Purple
  3. F Royal Purple Light + White


  1. VGC Charred Brown
  2. OC Dwarf Bronze
  3. VGC Polished Gold


  1. WZ Illian Blue
  2. VOC Enchanted Blue + VOC Electric Blue
  3. VOC Horizon Blue (highlights)

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