Sunday, 18 May 2014

Getting Ready for Attic Attack!

The tarpaulins have been removed and stowed away, terrain and tabletops have been found, and both the mead bar (the dark desk to the left), and the bar/snack bar are being readied for next weekend.

The front table on the first pic is just filled with some stuff for the picture; I hope the space will be taken up by Gods of Battle in 15mm.

Below, you can see the set-up for War Rocket, for which I have commandeered some rocks to make life a little bit more... interesting... for the squadron leaders.

A View from the Back End of the Room.
I still need to find a few dice cups, and the minis for some of the other games, but things are moving along nicely - even with FAR too nice weather, keeping me in the garden instead of in the attic.


  1. Is that attic entirely dedicated to gaming stuff? If so then I'm quite jealous of you :-) !

    1. It is, more or less. I have some stuff from my mother's flat, and my father's house (they were divorced and are both deceased), apart from the furniture, of course, in some of the boxes, but not a lot.