Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Attic Attack I, Part 1.

I've been too busy to get the pics from last weekend's first installment of Argonor's Attic Attack posted. but here comes the first batch, from Friday evening:

Tobias pondering about what game to  try first:

Picture by @Duregar

Me, explaining the War Rocket rules to Tobias

Picture by @Duregar

Enter the Galacteers:

The evil saucermen advance:

Picture by @Duregar
 Close encounter among the asteroids:

Picture by @Duregar
 The saucers getting the upper hand, as one of the Galacteer rockets crashes on an asteroid:

Picture by @Duregar
In the end though, the Galacteers prevailed, with one stunned rocket left when the last saucer was blown apart.

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