Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Attic Attack I, Part 2.

After I lost the space battle with a single die pip, I left it to Duregar and Tobias to duke it out on the LotR SAGA table.

Allies running to their positions (Picture by @Duregar)
A bit of pre-battle confusion amongst the archers (Picture by @Duregar)
 We re-did the scenario with the 'what-if' situation of Isengard having overrun Rohan, and Faramir, Captain of Gondor, rallying the fugitives to take a stand with a small force of Minas Tirith, trying to repulse the invading orcish horde.

This time we used the Vikings battle board for the Isengard warband (using the berserkers as... wait for it.. berserkers), and the Anglo-Danish battle board for the alliance.

The Uruk-Hai Warlord rushes towards the small bridge, followed by a unit of Hearthguard.

Picture by @Duregar
 The human battle line advances to meet the threat

Soon, battle is joined om the right flank

And the invaders repulsed. On the left flank, the Orcs are about to charge.

After the failed attack of the Orcs.

The Uruk-Hai Hearthguard charges into the Rohan Warriors

But are annihilated! Things were looking rather bleak for the invaders, and as Tobias had to work Saturday, we decided to call it a night.

Some more pictures by @Duregar:

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