Friday, 30 May 2014

Attic Attack I, Part 3.

Saturday we opened with Torben and @dijit playing War Rocket. Especially @dijit seemed to enjoy the rules.

After that, Torben and I commanded Torben's and @dijit's God of Battles 15mm armies on Torben's gaming mat.

I played a 'refused flank', letting a unit of skirmishers rush forward on the left flank, sacking the baggage of the Wood Elves without encountering any resistance.

After this feat, they were slaughtered by the combined fire of a bolt thrower and some archers

I then tried to circumc.. vent Torben's crack unit, and partly succeeded, when after killing off my super highland berserker unit they were locked in combat with a unit of Orcs charging their flank (the Orcs are not repelled after losing a round of combat, and can 'pin' a much stronger unit in combat)

On the other flank, 2 big monsters kept exchanging blows.

Here you can see the Elf unit pinned by the Orcs, while a unit of beastmen warriors in the far corner picks up the scent of the Elf Camp.

The camp fights back!

Picture by @Duregar
 Torben desperately tries to fight off the beastmen, while @dijit and I watch closely.

Picture by @Duregar
 The Elite Elves finally kill off the last Orcs - but too late!

Picture by @Duregar - I think
 A bit more action - before the beastmen inevitably sack the Elf Camp, scoring the final Victory Points I needed.
Picture by @Duregar
Picture by @Duregar
Fo this size of battle, I think spending 1/3 of the points on one crack unit is not recommendable - but I guess, Torben's main objective was not winning the game, but winning over new followers of God of Battles.

I liked the game. It's simple, with a lot of similarity to SAGA in the way troops move - but with more control over movement, and with alternate activation instead of IGOUGO. Cool game!

@Duregar and I talked about playing the game in 28 mm with our LotR minis, and I'll be collecting a small army to play in the growing GoB15 community here in Denmark. In addition to that, it would be nice to coerce some Warhammer players to try the rules with their existing collections; I would think it probable that some might like the fast flow of the game, compared to the meticulous micro-management of Warhammer.

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