Sunday, 18 May 2014

One more, slightly bigger, Garden Project.

When we bought our house about 4 years ago, a LOT of old used bricks were scattered all over our - rather large - property. Only lately, I've found a use for them - as flower bed edges against the lawn.

The edges serve two purposes; 1) they prevent the lawn to invade the flower beds, and 2) it prevents my wife from planting flowers right in the edge of the lawn, making it very difficult for me to mow it without damaging them.

It's really very easy to make these edges; the most time-consuming part of it is to remove the mortar from the bricks, but with a masonry hammer, it's not that difficult.

This is actually the 3rd edge I've done so far, but the other two are still covered in soil, to let the rain make them settle in properly. This one I could stomp on the inside, so my wife could get on with sowing flowers.

More bricks to clean and use. And I have even more in a pile in the back garden.

We have a saying in Denmark that goes something like this when translated:

'We, with house and garden
Always have something to do.'

(Vi med hus og have
har altid noget at lave)

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