Saturday, 10 May 2014

War Rocket Demo Game WIP, Part 3: Saucy Aliens!

Front view
Finished a bit of a rushed paintjob on these, as things have begun queueing up.

I'm now ready to try the game, and get some more rockets!

Colours used:


  1. OC Scab Red
  2. VOC Blood Red
  3. VVOC Blood Angel Orange
  4. VVOC Hobgoblin Orange
  5. Back view
  6. OC Golden Yellow

Gold Parts:

  1. OC Burnished Gold with some black
  2. VGC Polished Gold
  3. OC Burnished Gold + Silver


  1. VVOC Chainmail
  2. OC Thraka Green (Wash)
  3. OC Badab Black (Wash, in recesses)

Thruster Energy:

  1. VVOC Enchanted Blue + VVOC Electric Blue
  2. VVOC Electric Blue
  3. VVOC Horizon Blue

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