Tuesday, 6 May 2014

LotR: Mines of Moria, Part 5.

Got a big second-hand lot of painted and unpainted lead and plastic (and even a couple of resin) minis today.

The painted stuff (and a single Mordor Uruk with a broken sword - needs a bit of glue):

As you can see, I have finished the boards, and the new Moria Goblins are more than plenty for swelling the ranks I need for this little project.

Next up. 'They have a Cave Troll!!'. Lotsa plastic Uruk-Hai (especially an abundance of engineers), and a based and almost assembled Fellowship form the MoM box. Saves me quite some time on this project!

More plastic, and a few metal bits: Warriors of the Last Alliance, Warriors of Minas Tirith, and some Rohan Riders:

A full set of Haradrim infantry (plus a rider), some Wargs/Warg Riders, and Orcs are back on the menu...

This is everything that needs mending; some broken bows and swords,  two Uruk-Hai with broken pikes, amd a few things that just fell apart. Not bad. Note the resin Saruman (top of staff broken, but present).

And, finally, the jewel of the crown: A whole bunch of metal, mostly characters, notably 2 copies of Aragorn the King Mounted, and a full Fellowship plus a few 'later versions' of some.

Oh, and there's two plastic gobbos in there as well...

Then there's a set with Haradrim Raiders (horsemen, and some sprues with bits and bobs for the Warg Riders.


  1. Nice thing about LOTR is you can usually pick up huge job lots of figures cheap on ebay, if you just want the core plastic troops etc...

    1. Yes, and although I have big cardboard boxes full of LotR minis, I'll probably be collecting even more. Having started playing SAGA and God of Battles with LotR proxies has rekindled my interest in getting more of my collection painted, and there's always that extra unit you could just fit in...