Wednesday, 30 April 2014

LotR: Mines of Moria, Part 4.

Drybrushed the boards today:

The dark spots are areas where I got overly zealous, and a few where some white paint plattered tiny dots on the surface when I stupidly opened a W&N bottle that had been sitting in over 30 degrees Celsius in the conservatory all day without any precautions.

A quick repaint with the 'German Grey' mix, and I'll go over it with the 'Codex Grey' mix tomorrow.

I also dug out my Moria Goblins, and the painted Cave Troll from the MoM set. Sorry for the crappy photo, it was taken with flash, without tripod, in an almost dark conservatory:

Some of the bases are a bit too bright, and I'll probably go over them with the proper colour combo.

As soon as I have the reinforcements from Gibby at the LAF, I'll have plenty painted of each type gobbo.

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