Sunday 12 March 2017

Striker: First Game with Lea

I was able to squeeze in an hour of father-daughter time with my youngest offspring, after showering off the sweat and dust of two hours' gardening, and before embarking on a three-hour journey of cooking cassoulet for Sunday dinner.

Lea very quickly grasped the concepts of moving and passing, and I found myself being pressed back on my own half (also helped by the dice not exactly favouring my attempts to establish an offence).

The most tense situation so far was Lea almost getting in position to shoot:

A lost tackle challenge suddenly saw my defensive line overtaken (note the softgun pellet ball, and the invisible stalker).

The blue striker dribbled forward, and failed to make a Perfect Dribble. The unfortunate defender could not Tackle from directly behind, and thus tried to put pressure on the ball carrier, while my keeper moved forward to be able to intervene. Panic!

The blue striker played the other striker, who dribbled forward - and also failed to make a Perfect Dribble!

My keeper dived for the ball, while two defenders tried to position themselves to make scoring as difficult as possible.

The keeper, getting a +2 tackle modifier for tackling in the penalty zone (where he can use hands), scoops up the ball.

That was too close for comfort! My keeper attempted a long pass to a striker in the opposite half, but failed, and the ball went into possession of the blue team. and this is basically the situation now: Lea has started moving the ball forward again in a series of short Perfect Passes, and I am trying to hinder her advance...

More at a later time - maybe we shall manage to play a couple of sequences tomorrow afternoon, when Lea comes home from school.

I have glued the broken red defender, by the way.


  1. Interesting game. Kids can tell if you go easy on them, but it sounds as if you're the one in need of a helping hand!

    1. It Works. I have a tendency to roll a 2 every time I pass the ball, which makes it a bit difficult to get the ball close to Lea's goal, but we have a LOT of fun!