Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dark Ages: Fourth Hearthguard Finished

Finally I finished the last model for my first point of Hearthguard (or ½ point of armoured Warriors - they are destined to be degraded to that status, later on).

The next five days, I am probably not going to paint much, as I begin my five-night work period tonight, and thus have to sleep most of the day, then spend an hour or so in the garden, if the weather permits. I shall try to get ½ hour of hobby time squeezed in, now and then, though, as I want my SAGA warband to be fully operational at six points, as soon as possible.

As I fell like having some variation, I have decided to build some Mantic Forge Father Steel Warriors (from my DeadZone II Kickstarter pledge lot) to paint in between the groups of Vikings, so I dug out the Forge Father sprue and parts from the box I store my DeadZone and Dungeon Saga stuff in.

Talk about multi-part miniatures!

Thank The Powers That Be that they are at least real plastic, and not that awful restic stuff!

I shall post some WIP pics when I have started construction - in the meantime, I shall post some Viking line-ups.

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