Friday 3 March 2017

Dark Ages: Four Points Warriors Line-Up

Both the girls have been ill (cold/flu/something), so I have been laying low on the hobby front. I have lined up the four points of Warriors, though, here arranged in two units of 12, and one unit of 8.

For God of Battles Blood Gorged Vikings, these can be two units of 'Brutes' (6 points, 10 models), and one unit of 'Younglings' (3 points, 8 models) with a few models spare.

When I have painted three points of Hearthguard, I can use those as 'Brute Slayers' (9 points, 10 models), and I shall have both a full SAGA warband, and 24 points of Main Force for GoB.

To round off a full 24 points GoB force, I then shall have to paint six huskarls/hirdmen for a 'Brute Watchers' unit (12 points, 6 models), as I already have a Warlord/Herdlord (12 points, 1 model).

I have not been playing around with the Thousand Tribes list for these, yet, and I have a feeling that I shall rather use my Rohan collection for it, keeping Vikings, Anglo-Danes, and Saxons (when I get around to those) for the Blood Gorged list.

The six hirdmen will not be the end of it, though, as I shall probably want to paint another six, at the same time getting them ready to take over the role of Hearthguard, while my spear-toting, mail-clad Vikings can then shift to the position of Warriors - and I can use some of my un-armoured Warriors as the start of an Anglo-Danish warband. This, of course, also leads to the need for more armoured models to swell the ranks of the Vikings, and I also want to make a dane-axe equipped unit to act as 'Brute Ravagers' in Gob, while at the same time providing the option of dane-axe equipperd Hearthgurad for the SAGA Anglo-Danes.

Still some road to cover - and I do not think that I am getting all the way there right away - but I expect to keep at it, at least until I have used up my first batch of LBMS shield transfers, to avoid them going irreversibly bad.

As soon as the transfers are all used, I think I shall go back to the Perry plastic spearmen and finish assembling the first 16-man block, to be able to get them off my prepping station, as I really need some space there. I might even paint some of them - would like to get my Gondor army up and running - but I have plenty other projects waiting down the line, so I cannot plan that far ahead.

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