Wednesday, 22 March 2017

DeadZone: Forge Father Steel Warrior WIP

I backed Mantic's DeadZone II Kickstarter, and the stuff has been sitting in a box ever since I got it.

Lately, all the activity regarding Warpath/Firefight has urged me to get some of the minis assembled and painted, and I decided to do the smallest(!) faction first, notably the Forge Fathers (only five models in my pledge).

I am going to paint the Steel Warriors in between groups of Vikings, which should make me hardly notice the time spent on them (I shall use mostly bloch'n'wash speedpainting techniques).

I started with the Leader of the Strike Team, a Steel Warrior Huscarl, and I need only to clean up and attach his backpack, then he is ready to have his base built up with some filler alongside the four Vikings I showed earlier.

I must say, I find the Steel Warriors somewhat tedious to assemble. Nine parts to finish a basic infantry leader (ordinary Steel Warriors consist of ten) is a bit much - and as you can see, the design does not provide many degrees of freedom to the positioning of limbs (the right shoulder pad could not be made to fit snugly because of the right arm), which makes you wonder why the designer did not opt for fewer parts.

Well, they will probably look fine when finished, and I look forward to have a small Strike Team ready.

I shall probably assemble and paint some Corporation Enforcers next, but that will probably not happen until after I start work on the Rohan/Saxon SAGA warband.

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