Monday, 6 March 2017

Dark Ages: First Hearthguard Painted

I felt a bit ill during the weekend, and most of my hobby-time consisted of reading up on the SAGA rules, both the original book and the Crescent & Cross hardback.

This morning. though, I got up early, and started painting again. I focus on finishing one Hearthguard at a time, so that I can check off some progress each day (except those days when I have to sleep after a night watch). I expect to have two points ready somewhen next week, but a quick count of my shield transfers has shown that I shall have to paint about a dozen more, so I am probably not going to stop painting Vikings very soon.

I had no problems with the shield transfer today, by the way, even though it is from the same sheet as the previous ones.

I am not quite content with the mail - I used the original black ink for the ancient Citadel Colours Ink Paint Set (you know, the series with nine pots in a vac-formed white insert) on top of Chainmail, and it is, I think, a bit too rich for this purpose. On the next one I shall try Badab Black, of which I still have an almost full pot, and if I think it dulls the metal too much, I shall get a clear Nuln Oil as soon as I can commandeer the family dropship for the purpose.

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