Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dark Ages: Three Down, One to Go!

I am very, very close to finishing the second point of Hearthguard, now.

Only one more mail-clad warrior to do, and I have a full six points warband - all painted in one long go!

It seems that I missed a spot on the trousers when applying the dark wash, I may have to go over that leg to mend it, but I shall definitely not do so. until I have finished the last figure for the warband!

In the meantime, I have primed two Forge Fathers, glued sand on their bases, and glued them onto corks, so I can start painting the Huscarl right away, when I have finished the fourth Viking Hearthguard. It  will be a welcome break from painting Vikings, but as already stated, I am going to paint even more of the armoured warriors, as I want to use up the shield stickers I have, and also upgrade the warband to 24 points for God of Battles, which requires bringing up the Hearthguard to 10 models, and add another unit of 10, so 12 more in total, which is just about what I have decals for (I do have a couple of sheets more, with identical motifs, but hey were purchased later, and much of those are going to be used for the God of Battles Command and Support section for the army).


  1. They look great! Would love to have more updates on the progress!

    1. Thanks! Do you mean WIP pics? I could snap a shot now and then, but the quality would be somewhat lower, as I do not have as good lighting for my cork-holder.
      If you mean more pics of finished models, stay tuned for tomorrow when I expect to post the last warrior for this second point of Hearthguard - and probably some line-ups, too.

  2. Very nice :-) . I just can't do lines as fine as those on the spear shaft.

    1. Thanks!
      I bet you could with these, though:
      Stiff bristles, fine point - I do almost all painting with those, always keep about 15 ready so they can dry properly between uses. I also have other brushes, but IMHO nothing beats these for precision 'neat' painting!