Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Bacon and Cabbage! Wonderful dish, am going to introduce some of my friends to it at the first possible opportunity - would be great to combine with a gaming day. And some good beer and akvavit!

I have recipes for other versions, one of them involving fried bacon and cabbage boiled in beer - I think I shall need to try that one out, too...


  1. Can't really go wrong with bacon, can you :-) ?

    1. Sadly, my kids did not like the bacon, but I had anticipated this, and roasted a couple of sausages. I was really surprised by the tenderness and rich flavour of the meat, I had expected 3 hours cooking to somewhat 'water it out', but, no. I am definitely going to cook this dish again when entertaining grown-up friends - I think it is a sure winner!