Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dark Ages: Second Hearthguard (finally)

While walking to and from the stove, cooking rice porridge for supper, I finished my second Viking Hearthguard warrior with a shield transfer and some detail painting.

I hope to finish the first point of Hearthguard over the weekend, but the forecast promises dry weather, and I may have to spend a lot of time preparing the veggie garden for planting potatoes, as the spuds should be put in the soil around April 1st.

I do not think I let my lamps heat up for quite long enough, hence the slightly dark photos.

No problems with the latest two shield transfers, by the way - but I still want to use up the entire first batch of four sheets, before I move on to something else - which means that I shall probably be busy until late April, at least.

Well, I do not have any pending deadlines, and painting these Vikings is quite easy and rewarding, so it is not that hard to find motivation.

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