Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dark Ages: SAGA Vikings Five Points

Pitch invasion! I had to use the Subbuteo playmat for this line-up, as it takes up the most of the dining table at the moment, because Lea and I play Striker.

Five points, and the warband could probably work as is, but I still want to get that second point of Hearthguard finished, before I commit it to battle.

Tomorrow I am cooking Bacon and Cabbage, because it is St. Patrick's Day, and I like to try out foreign recipes (cooked French cassoulet last Sunday, yummy!), which is going to take up some of the afternoon, and thus I am not going to work in the veggie garden, so I hope to be able to paint a bit while the bacon cooks. I may finish another Hearthguard over the weekend, as the forecast is showing possible rain, but do not hold your breath, as I need to finish preparing the vegetable garden if the weather permits it, and I have only the late afternoons, because I need to sleep after night watch.

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