Monday, 13 March 2017

Dark AgeS. Viking Hirdman Number Three

I shall probably not finish the two points of Hearthguard for my Viking warband this week after all, The gardening season has begun, and most of the days this week are seemingly going to be dry and fairly warm, so I am going to spend a lot of time in the vegetable garden, preparing the soil for planting potatoes around April 1st.

I do manage to squeeze in the odd hour or half of painting, though, so in the best LEAN tradition, I am making some progress on a daily basis.😃

I managed to finish this guy today. and I am now only one Hirdman away from having a full point of Hearthguard, bringing my SAGA warband up to five points.

Tomorrow, I expect to be able to paint 2-3 hours straight, after spending the first hour in the garden, so I may actually finish  another mini, but the shield process, sticking the transfer on, then painting the rim and the boss, touching up the shield design, if the transfer did not fit perfectly, and then finally applying, first gloss varnish, then matt varnish, often takes a bit longer than anticipated.

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