Monday, 13 March 2017

Striker: First Game with Lea, Part 2

Lea and I managed to get a bit of action going on the field this afternoon, and one of the highlights was trying a Free Kick because of a Foul. Lea placed her players in sort of a screen, although the Free Kick was too far from the goal for a direct attempt.

The blond striker moved forward, received a Perfect Pass, and shot!

Alas, the keeper fisted the ball over the goal, and thereby gave a corner.

Today's other highlight: The Corner Kick!

After both coaches placed their eight players, the attackers can move 2 of the placed players up to 2½" in any direction, and I moved the closest 2 after this phot was taken.

The Corner Kick was aimed at a Striker, but failed. It landed 2" from him, and he was still the closest player, and moved to it.

The keeper moved forward for a challenge -

- won the challenge, and probably caught the ball in mid-air, just before the unfortunate striker could hit it with his head.

As I have seen mentioned elsewhere, the game somehow creates its own narrative like this, and things behave much like in real football.

We were having trouble remembering if we were in a 4:2 or 4:3 action sequence, and I have designed and printed a Sequence Tracker to, well, keep track of the sequences. It has 30 boxes to tick for each half of a match, so it functions as the clock at the same time.

If we play tomorrow, we shall start on the second half, and keep track of the game this way!

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