Thursday 19 January 2017

Vacation 2016 - Day 2. The Road to Bad Dürkheim

When leaving Minden/Porta Westfalica, we had a final view of the Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal.

Lea seemed to enjoy the trip, so far. It was already quite warm, so we had the air conditioning on, which is why she covered herself with the scarf.

Not a cloud in sight, and LOTS of windmills of the energy-producing kind!

Some impressions form the road south -  we were aiming for the German Weinstraße, and we were probably getting close by now.

As we were travelling south, in the afternoon, suddenly the temperature began to rise.

We were very happy about our air conditioning system. WHen I used to travel south with my parents, we had no such thing, and the car often got very hot.

As it were, we could keep our heads cool, and found the Deutsche Weinstraße.

Not only wine-country, but also alternative energy country 💚💚💚💚

Wine fields and villages as far as the horizon. I love travelling by road in this part of Germany - brings back so many nice memories of my parents and our camping travels.

We seemed on the right track - in 2015, we tried to find Bad Dürkheim on the way back from Italy/Switzerland, but there were so many roadworks and redirects as we approached the town, that finally we gave up and set the course for Denmark.

We reached Bad Dürkheim, and checked in at the Knaus Campingpark Bad Dürkheim, had supper, and then went into town to see the Dürkheimer Riesenfaß - the main reason to aim for this particular location.

We had icecream outside, as it was way too hot so sit inside - the next time we get down there, we really should have a meal in the two-storey restaurant which the barrel houses.

Just opposite the road from the barrel, some animals grazed peacefully. It is funny, because I remembered the barrel to sit in a very central position of the town, and yet, here we have fields almost bordering it... maybe we saw it from the other side, back then, 35 odd years back...?

 After the icecream, we went back to the camping, and we all had a dip in the lake.

Tired and full of experiences, we went to bed for what would prove a very uneasy night... 😰

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