Tuesday, 24 January 2017

GoB: The Final Stages in Progress

I got up early this morning, and I am way ahead of the schedule I made yesterday evening.

The Agrax Earthshade is dryingright now, and later I shall give the cobra-shaped horn a dark green wash, to make it look very old (at least that is the plan...).

In a few minutes, I am going to finish the filler job on the Scooby gang, and then I have a few repairs and rebasings I can spend some time on, while the green wash dries.

I shall try to finish the bases this evening - I would love to wrap this up today (I still have to du the actual flags for the standards, but those will have to wait, until I have a gaming appointment in place).

When these are finished, I shall make a full line-up of all the stuff I have for my Lords of Undeath army, with single shots of each unit, and even if I should not get these quite finished today, I should still be able to do the line-up tomorrow, asthere is so precious little work left.

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