Tuesday, 3 January 2017

GoB: Skeleton Hordes, Phase 2: Basing and Repairs

Sat down this morning and put some filler on the bases of these (yes, I still have not gotten my act together and made some gloop).

Next up is repairing three models at the foremost front, then cleaning up one or more of the metal command models. Well, back to work...


  1. Good stuff. Some of my skeletons of this type and vintage are becoming quite brittle; they snap easily. Is that what has happened to the three at the front?

    1. Yes, probably - they have been broken a long time though, and I don't quite remember when it happened. Took some time to find the right half spear for the almost intact one. They have been glued now (poly cement), and I hope to make some more progress tomorrow (today I am cuddling with the kids and watching movies, as the youngest goes back to school tomorrow, and the eldest on Friday).