Wednesday, 31 August 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part Two

The wild beasts smelled the blood of our elven Hero, and leaped into the fray. Chwllurhwch fought them off, but not without suffering further injury.

The beasts searched for a 'smaller' threat...
...which they found - much to their demise...
...because 4 seconds later...

Then Thrombur decided that enough is enough, and charged two of the monsters.

The mighty war hammer fell once, twice, and benefitting from the impetus of the charge, trice, leaving the strange animals as carcasses in the sand.

"See if ya can get through that door at yonder stairs," he yelled out, while bringing down one mummy with a back-handed stroke.

Chwllurhwch, bleeding from several gashes, follows the sound advice, and takes off towards the Door of the Kings.
...Thrombur could send off Chwllurhwch after dispatching all 3 of them, and one of the remaining mummies.
The stout Dwarf quickly finished the job, smashing the last mummy into a dusty heap, then, in a fit of battle-rage, sprinted past his limping elven companion in search of more enemies.

And this concludes today's tale. Stay tuned for more - hopefully tomorrow.

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