Friday 12 August 2011

CROM!: Progress of the day.

Finished designing most of the initiative cards today (I need to redo the picture of the wild beasts, and take a photo of the Elf Hero, but I only just gave him a shading wash and have to finish his base), but have to decide how tough a 'normal' mummy should be, and how puny a group of lesser mummies has to be...

At the right is my Evil Spirit - some collectable mini with a vamped up base.

I just realized that I have a couple of  clear green resin 'banshee' ghosts from Uncle Mike's - might decide to incorporate them in my next installment, but no time for basing them right now.

The Elf looks a tiny bit too tanned after the wash, so I may decide to totally redo his skin at a later point. I'll finish his base tomorrow and get a pic for the card and this place.

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