Friday, 12 August 2011

Judge Dredd: A small project.

Mongoose took up their previously cancelled line of miniatures for Gangs of Mega-City One, re-vamped the rules as a D10 system, and published this little cutie, where you can actually play the Justice Dept. as a faction (heh, heh, heeehhh!). AND they are bringing out new sculpts for the setting, too.

And, guess what? It's FREE!!

Haven't played it, yet, but I like what I've read. The ruleset won't revolutionize the way games are played, but it seems to be a solid framework for duking it out on the streets of MC1, in the Undercity, or in the Badlands. So, what's not to like? Maybe only this: The scenarios are more or less the GoMC1 ones, and as they were designed for gang warfare, some of them seem a little odd, considering the different types of factions available in JDMG. Well, off to the drawing board to make some up...

When Mongoose announced the cancellation of all their miniature ranges couple of years ago, I ordered almost all available minis for GoMC1 - and of course they just ended up on another shelf. But now I've dusted off some of my Judges, and I have a couple primed and ready for painting.

As soon as I have one Street Judge ready, I'll try out the introductory scenario, using some old Necromunda gangers as the culprits. Then, it will be time to flesh out a starting Justice Dept. campaigning patrol, and start planning for a gang to fight.

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