Friday 12 August 2011

Dark Age: Brytenwalda and Age of Blood

Having read a lot of Cornwell, and seen a lot of nicely painted minis on the LAF, my resistance against going into yet another period/genre/setting has finally broken. I have downloaded and read both Brytenwalda, and Age of Blood, and want to start my journey into the Viking Age by playing some Brytenwalda.

As I have absolutely no Dark Age miniatures atm, I set out to create some profiles for my LotR collection, making some assumptions about the values of the different stats. Have no idea if I have done it in a balanced way, only actual playtesting will give a clue to that (I know, an official LotR-adaption is in the works, but I'm of the impatient kind).

One Isengard army has been constructed, and the opposing force is composed of Gondor, and Rohan troops.

Age of Blood I will try out on a much smaller scale than intended by the rules - I do not have the patience and stamina to paint 20-odd minis before getting stuck in, so I'll do some small scale neighbour conflicts with only 3-5 models per side, and then slowly build up my collection by painting one here, one there, in between other projects.

More to follow..

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