Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ultimo August: Status

So, with the fastest concluded gaming project ever in the sack, it is time to look forward:

I need to finish the bases of the two skull markers I painted for CROM!, and I want to add another hero to the game - probably an Elf or a Ranger - sometning with a bow, anyway, and preferably female.

A couple of cards have to be updated, too, for which I shall use the new version.

In the Emperor's Name:
I have to build a Space Marine retinue for this game, and if I manage it before the upcoming weekend, I might take it to the club in Svendborg, if I can get a gaming appointment set up.

I should have paintedor lmost finished minis enough, but some work may be needed, especially on bases (SOD the green ones!).

Zombiecalypse Now!:
Our Dead walk Again project needs more attention - I have a Zombie Girl on my painting station, who has been sorely delayed by the CROM! project, and as I'm spending a lot of time on writing the AAR for an  evaluation, she might have to wait another couple of days, but then painting will be highest hobby priority for a couple of weeks.

We are about to make a joint order from Wayland Games, which will include no less than 60 plastic zed fillers for myself (of which 30 is part of an agreement where I buy another 60 for a guy who'll paint them for me - he'll get the first 30 when he has finished mine, then the last 30 when his first 30 are on the table ;o) ). This is part of my plan to have a horde of at least 100 zombies of my own before Christmas.

Weird War and other stuff:
Our order from Wayland is also supposed to include a set of Wargames Factory Shock Troops, for which I have several uses: WWWII Secret SS-force and 'Teutonic Order' troops, Skitarii for an Adeptus Mechanicus retinue for ItEN, Post Apoc steel town troopers.... possibilities are Legio.

I haven't forgotten my Judge Dredd minis, and the cults for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten, but right now, zombies have found resonance at the club, and I have to follow up on that. My Strange Aeons collection will be augmented soon, as a Danish webstore has CoC-minis as part of a closing sale :o/

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