Sunday, 14 August 2011

CROM!: Cards (almost) finished.

I have put the last pictures onto their cards, and have decided on the dice to be used by the last creatures. I now have to print and laminate the cards.

This Elf hero is a rare example of a model that looks better on a photo than in real life. I'll definitely have to redo his skin, maybe his hair and boots, and the swordblade needs to be redone as well. In time...

He is one of my oldest painted models - blocked out with enamels back in the mid-80's, and left for dead in a foam box for many, many years. I basically revived him through re-basing and a Devlan Mud wash.....

My 3/1 beasts are here (Dungers from Ramshacke Games - everything is better with Dungers!). They have some battle damage from Dunger Derby, but that also may be fixed in time.

Alas, I won't be playing the game this weekend - I simply did not get it organized, as other urgent tasks filled up most of my Saturday, and this morning, too.

Now, of course, it is pouring down, so I might as well have had a buddy over for a couple of games, but I think I'll just get some work on the cards done today, and see if I can get a game organized during the week (I NEED to roll some dice, soon, this summer has been completely dry, gaming-wise...).

Just for fun: One of my wound markers (I have to find the rest) that will be used for the magic circle/pentagram.

Cute, ain't it? ;o)

Guess it could be used as a Vampires' Polo ball, too...
And this guy I did not paint. Bought a whole bunch of Warhammer undeads from a fellow club patron many years ago. Never played a single game of Warhammer, though, but you can never have too many skeletons. Or so I was told.

I'll see if I can get the cards all finished today. Btw, I decided to keep the text on the hero cards in BLUE, while all the evil critters have RED. Good old Cold War standards!

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