Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dead walk Again: Zombiecalypse Now!

I have gotten some guys from my club in Svendborg involved in a little multi-player co-operative all-vs-the-zombies project. Rules are the free set Dead walk Again from Planned Movement Productions, a small informal operation run by some Swedes. I shall make a links page, soon...

First thing is to get some more shamblers painted (we roughly need at least 25 zeds per survivor - with about 10 per survivor starting on the table - possibly more, depending on the weaponry chosen by the players).

Work in Progress
Last evening I got back to the desk after an entire summer without painting to start splashing some colours on the Zombie Girl from Zombiesmith. I know that I have the boy, too, as they come together in a blister, but where he is...?

Sorry about the yellowish lights - I really need a lightbox for mini photos - but this is the simple base coats: Hair: VMC Khaki Grey, Skin: F Rawhide Shade, Dress: GW Hormagaunt Purple (nightgown will end up in a tender pastel purple. At least I hope so).

It is my plan to have a horde of about 100 undead myself before Christmas, while the other participants should provide 25-30 each, but I hope to get some games on, sooner than that.

Hopefully, I can finish her in a couple of days - but it all depends on how much work I can do in the garden, and how early my kids sleep...

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