Saturday, 13 August 2011

Basic Impetus: 1/72 Polybian Romans

Quite some years ago I started making a 1/72 plastic Roman army for Warmaster (even before the arrival of Warmaster Ancients - I simply wrote up my own lists), but the project stalled, as the guy who was making a Carthaginian army moved away...

Recently, I downloaded Basic Impetus and thought I'd give it a go. So, I dug out the Romans I started painting back then (those in the picture are about half the painted contingent) and started figuring out what I need to paint, and where to get some bases/stands, not made of card.

I'm going to get some lasercut plywood bases made by Fenris Games - atm having a conversation regarding sizes, numbers and cost.

Heavy infantry will be composed of 10 models per stand, light infantry 8-12, skirmishers 3-4, and cavalry 4 models. I shall not glue the cavalry to the bases (they will be glued in pairs to 'stability-bases' made of card - as seen one the Equites to the right, and placed on top of the ply bases), as I can then turn the models 90 degrees to make the stands into Warmaster stands instead, should the army grow big enough to play that game from time to time.

This will be a sideshow - but as I'm not worrying much about the painting in this scale, just blocking out the colours, I expect the Roman army to be ready for battle quite soon.

Their opponents will be Celts (Gauls), at first. I have plenty of infantry figs, but I think I'll have to purchase a box of cavalry (not sure, whether I have some), and to make the contingent into Britons for fighting a later Imperial (or late Republican) Roman army, I'll have to get some chariots, too.

A more appropriate adversary, the Carthaginians, will be added at a later time - right now I'll just construct armies of minis I own already, and only purchase as little as possible.

If the system grows on me, I'll probably expand the basic armies, maybe up to double size, and then get the full Impetus rules.

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