Saturday, 20 August 2011

CROM!: Cards finished!

 Finally I managed to get the cards for my planned test-run of the rules  ready - not without  a fight, though; first, my laminator caught a corner of a laminating pocket while I tried to straighten some cards inside it - resulting in the laminate to get totally jammed in the rolls of the damned thing. Impossible to save it.

New laminator was bought by my wife after I called her during her shopping - and then somehow the next attempt ended with a accordeon-like page, as the edge was somehow caught on the inside of the exit slot. I think somebody or something is trying to tell me something....

So, five cards had to printed, cut, and glued anew, before they could be laminated and finally cut out as ready game accessories.

I have not changed to the new card layout, as I had already prepared a few cards when it was presented - but I DO use the 'split dice-pool' concept.

As you can see, I have made the 'Hero'-cards with blue text, to further distinguish them from the 'GM' or 'Evil' cards.

I have one more Mummy (obviously I got the cards mixed up when  scanning them, so now I have 2 cards with the same pic scanne twice...)
Assorted Skeletons. I have a few more, especially single ones, but I don't see any purpose in putting them up here, as they are of the same ugly ilk as those with the Goblin Green unfinished bases and undercoated-only weaponry.

I DO have shield for most of these... somewhere....

Well.... I'll see if I can get someone to come by and play a couple of games tomorrow. I do have to pick up my new paint rack (from Miniaturicum) at a friend's place before noon, but my regular gaming pal (if I can still call him that after a couple of months without any gaming) usually is not available until the afternoon, anyways...

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