Thursday, 11 August 2011

CROM! Mummy Sorcerer King

This will be the main antagonist for my heroes in the CROM! game for the time being.

The evil Mummy King - an old Citadel mummy - has risen from his tomb in a vast necropolis and will try to get a grasp of the land of the living through sorcery and command of uncountable undead and bestial minions (blah, blah, blah... )

Suffice to say, he'll use the rules for Summoning and Controlling creatures, and will have a range of undead things to his disposal.

I am making the initiative cards in a word processing application for now, so I cannot upload them before I start doing it in a picture editor instead - but you'll probably want to make your own with your own pics, anyway, should you decide to try out this little game (which I absolutely recommend you do).

Here are a few of the villain's minions. An old Citadel ghoul, a Citadel cobra from a swarm set with snakes, one of 4 really old Citadel mummies, and some plastic skellies (I think I'll rebase those, and maybe give them a wash).

I have decided to discern between main characters and others by always having the Movement and Combat dice of minions separated by slash (so, a 2 dice minion will have 2/2 instead of just 2 - this means that if a card has only one number, the player may allocate dice to the various dice pools for that creature). Let's see how it works...

The plot will be the heroes trying to disrupt an unholy ritual performed to bring some powerful evil spirit from the Realm of the Dead into this world. To do so, they must reach the site of the ritual, firghting their way through a gorge guarded by unnatural wild beasts (Dungers from Ramshackle Games ) and into th necropolis where they will be assailed by undead creatures, either already on the table, or summoned by the Sorcerer.

I was toying with the idea of having some young, helpless woman having been abducted by the Mummy King to be sacrificed as the last part of the ritual, but I don't have a suitable mini (not painted, hat is, I may well have an unarmed wench somewhere in the Lead Alps), so that classical plot will have to be used at a later date.

The ritual will instead consist of placing 5 enchanted skulls in a circle/pentacle, each must be placed by rolling a number of magic special action dice successes.

The spirit must be controlled as per the rules. If the heroes manage to break the circle/pentacle before the spirit can be summoned, or if they destroy the spirit, they will have achieved a minor victory. Major victory consists of also getting out alive.

I'm really looking forward to trying out these rules, as I think, with a few added house-rules, they may be useable for an RPG-like campaign where each hero is played by one player. It could be a really nice club-game, where all adventures start from the same (border?) town, and the different players could use their own hero, not depending on the same group participating each time.

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