Friday, 3 April 2015

GoB Viking Army (Blood Gorged Proxies) WIP 1

I have not been making any progress on existing projects these last few days, but I have started preparing Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen for a 24 pts GoB army, for which I shall use the Blood Gorged list.

The army will, of course, double as a SAGA Viking warband, as soon as I have added a few bits and bobs to the first 3 units.

The initial 24 pts will consist of a unit of 10 Huskarle (Brute Ravagers, 12 pts), 10 Huskarle with Dane Axes (Brute Slayers, 9 pts), and 8 Thralls (Younglings, 3 pts, GB plastic Dark Age Warriors), boosted with 2 heroes (Herdlords, 12 pts each).

The next 12 pts will probably be 2 units of 10 Bondi each (Brutes, 6 pts per unit, GB plastic Dark Age Warriors), but I have not decided on the Command and Support composition at 36 pts, yet (I shall probably want to include 6 Hirdmen (Brute Watchers (bodyguard), 13 pts) though).

When the 36 points are done, I think I'll start fleshing out a Rohan army for GoB, too - It is about time I get some Rohan horsemen ready for the table, and the Thousand Tribes list allows for 4 different grades of cavalry, so should prove to be the bee's knees for some Rohan flavoured warbands/units!

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