Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Intro Scenario - 'Barko Brothers'.

So, finally Duregar/Ulolkish and I got to try out the JDMG rules.

We played the Introductory Scenario 'The Barko Brothers', where Judge Mix has been sent to arrest the leaders of a family street gang, and catches them by surprise.

I played the perps in this first rumble.

Judge Mix overconfidently stepped out into the middle of the street to confront Billy Bob Barko who was watching the quarter from a rooftop.

If you look very closely, you may be able to locate the other three brothers.

Billy Bob took a shot at Mix, and wounded him, which made the Judge take cover.

When Judge Mix reached the staircase of the ruined libary, his Lawgiver took over the conversation.

One shot was sufficient to put Billy Bob out of business.

Aware of movement in the industrial area, Judge Mix continued through the ruin to close in on Rex Barko, who, realizing that the Law had come for him, tried to round up his remaining brothers and coordinate their fighting.

Jessie Joe Barko was ordered down from the relative safety in the industrial tower, to get into position behind the abandoned pickup and threaten to catch the impervious intruder in crossfire, while Rex moved on to get in touch with the last of the Barko boys, Bobby Jack.

Mix raised his voice, and ordered Jessie Joe to lower his weapon and give himself up.

Jessie Joe's resolve broke, and he came forward to be cuffed,

Focussed on securing the arrested perp, Mix did not notice Bobby Jack peering out from the ruins behind him-

Bobby Jack got a lucky shot in, downing Mix, and saving his brother from the Iso Cubes... for now...

This incident, however, is bound to draw the attention of the Justice Department!


  1. Great little Batrep Argonor. Bad news for the Judges but some interesting mechanics - especially breaking perps wills so they'll allow themselves to be arrested. Thanks for posting :-)

    1. Thanks!
      There's nothing revolutionary to this system, it pretty much resembles a lot of other games, but it is rather streamlined, and yes, there are some JD-universe specific special rules that add a lot of flavour. I am definitely going to play it a lot - this scenario we played twice in less than an hour, and I think 2 forces/gangs can slug it out in 1-1½ hour. Great for playing a couple of games in an afternoon or evening!

  2. The Judge's initial move - standing in the middle of the street - seems quite brazen. Almost as if he *wanted* to be gunned down?!

  3. I just think, Ulrik may have over-estimated the stopping power of armour - or was a bit over-confident in his luck with d10s :D
    As you may have read by now in the second AAR, when using cover to full effect, a Street Judge is a heck of a handful to handle. A starting Justice Dept. force can consist of no more than 2 Street Judges, + a Rookie or a Cadet, with no extra upgrades, while a Street Gang may consist of maybe 6-10 models.