Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Skeleton Warriors for GoB - WIP 11

At last, I pulled myself together and continued work on the paper banner for the living impaired.

I cut the lover edge of the banner in a curve, then cut the 'shreds', and glued the rest of the backsides with white glue.

As I write this, I have also 'painted' the banner with diluted white glue to harden it (and shaped it a bit), and tomorrow I'll start painting it, The Powers That Be willing.

As formerly written, I am going to paint it black, and apply and old waterslide transfer to it, using my Micro Set and Micro Sol solutions (yes, I haven't starting putting numbers on my DreadBall team, yet, I know), and get a little practise that way.

I just realized that I should have cut the top between the loops going round the pole in a curve, but I am not going to correct that, unless I am able to remove the banner when the glue has set...

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