Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Gardening Season Has Begun!

Yesterday, I started preparing the vegetable garden for planting potatoes; I needed to remove some weeds, and then harvest and spread the compost from our composter.

There was not quite enough for the entire area where I am going to plant potatoes (hopefully today), but I removed everything that was sufficiently decomposed over the 4 years we have been living here, so now there is plenty of space for new organic waste to be processed.

After spreading the compost, I left it to dry a bit while I was cleaning op the composter bottom (in order to be able to place the 'body' and the worm tube back in place on it), and then I used my trusty spade to mix the compost into the soil.

Now I just need to rake the area (which I shall do right after finishing this post), and dig out the string for planting in straight rows, and I am set to start planting (which I expect Lea to assist me in, when she returns from buying sandals with the wife).

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