Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Star Wars: W-Wing Revisited!

Last weekend I was approached through Facebook by an old pal, Christian J., who is thinking about getting into X-Wing. He asked if I could demo the game for him and another old acquaintance of ours, Henrik S., and, of course, I seized the opportunity to get some of my minis out for a game!

Ulolkish/Duregar also turned up and helped me oversee the game. This is actually a very nice format for teaching a game to 2 newcomers, as the one person does not have to stay focussed on everything all the time.

I constructed 2 forces of the obscene size of 258 poins (to give the newcomers an insight in the many possibilities of the game) and set up the fleets for presentation:

We used the full rules for setup, and the next pic shows, more or less, how the players decided to deploy their fleets (all ships simply moved forward in the first Activation Phase):

Biggs Darklighter had to buy it early on, and as it turned out, it is not such a good idea to attack head on with the big ships. as it easily leads to a dead-lock (the glasses were, of course, holding mead):

Wedge Antilles was holding the right against 4 TIE-Fighters of various kinds, including Darth Vader in a TIE Advanced.

Much squeezing and edging around the big ships in the centre.

Near the time we called it a night, the Decimator finally broke free of the dead-lock; heavy dog-fighting was still happening around the Falcon.

When we stopped (people had to get up for work today), 2 TIEs and one X-Wing had been dispatched, leaving the Rebel Alliance 5 points ahead in score, but not really enough to call it a victory.

Christian is dropping me a mail with stuff he would like to order one of the next days (I also have to get some stuff from, so he is getting into the game right away, and Henrik also seemed to like X-Wing.

All in all a profitable night when it comes to gaming!

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