Sunday 19 April 2015

Spring Cleaning of the Castle Yard!

I am almost through my 5-day work period, and I have not got anything gaming-related to show today.

The spring weather is showing itself from its best side these days, and I have to keep my attention on the garden and other outdoor areas.

Yesterday I started tidying up the castle yard, so we - hopefully - can soon get our outdoor furniture out and have this year's fist barbeque.

Today, I loaded some bags with combustible waste onto the trailer, and got some more stuff sorted in the yard, and very soon I shall finish my work there, so we can start using the yard for recreational purposes.

The last picture doen not really show the size of the yard, as the trailer blocks vision, but after I moved the cement tiles and some cobbles and bricks to the far corner, we actually have a sizeable area for putting our garden table, bench, and chairs.

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