Thursday, 16 April 2015

LEGO Elves Terrain Project, Part 3

I am hardening the styrofoam boards that are going to be the base for the terrain by giving them a couple of layers of slightly diluted white glue.

The project suddenly got extended, as Ulolkish/Duregar who is a Godparent of Lea brought the sets 41076 'Farran and the Crystal Hollow', and 41074 'Azari and the Magical Bakery' as a delated birthday present.

 The bakey, back view.

The bakery set contains 2 minis, Azari, and a hitherto unnamed Elvish baker boy.

As you can see below, the bakery has a 'working' oven with a loaf of bread.

The bakery has to be placed on a rather high level, with lava flowing down the rocky hillsides, so I am going to need more styropor before I can get it sorted.

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